How Does this Work?

This website pays users for completing offers. This website is intended to be used by mobile users as there is more offers for mobile such as downloading apps. Desktop users can still use this site and complete surveys and earn rewards.

How do I Claim my Robux?

To claim your robux, press on the "claim" tab, then it should show your balance total for all the surveys you have completed. Once you want to claim, press on "Claim Rewards" button. It should lead you to a group to join. You must join the group in order to get your Robux.

How do referrals work on this site?

Basically, there is a percentage of earnings whenever you refer a user. Say you refer a friend, and they complete an offer, you will receive a % of whatever amount the offer was worth. Our current site referral incentive is 5%. This means that if your friend did a R$100 offer, then you will receive R$5 to your withdraw box. You will be able to withdraw that instantly to your account.

I did not get my Robux! Is this site a scam?

Our website is 100% legitimate. Before you contact support, make sure you actually completed the offer. This includes: reading the description of the offer, making sure the app is downloaded, and making sure that you have finished the survey. If you did everything right, it will be a bug from our source or offer wall companies. They may offer to reimburse you if you contact them. Please redo the offer or do another one instead. Please note that we may terminate you from our site, if you are found in violation of our terms of service. All rewards are subjected to further investigation.

Do you guys own the images?

We do not own any images associated with other parties such as We are a friendly third party website that helps its users earn robux without actually spending money to purchase it. Any logos or trademarks are used for reference purposes only. By using our website, you agree to our terms and services. We are friendly and hope you enjoy.

Have a problem with the site?

If you have a problem with the site or you have a question please contact us via Discord.

Do you guys sponsor youtubers?

Yes, please reach us via Discord to inquire about sponsorships.

Does this site need my password?

No. We would never ask you for anything personal. We do not need passwords for our website. You simply need to enter your username and then you can complete offers and start earning yourself some robux. It is very easy and simple to do our offers. Most include surveys or downloading apps. Please use a phone for downloading apps.

When do you restock?

Every day. May take up to 3 days at some times. We make it our upmost importance to provide our website with stock for customer satifaction.